Connecting with Catharine

Animal Communication and Reiki

Would you like to know what your pet is feeling and thinking or just have your pet or yourself feel better physically or spiritually? Are you curious to know if you or your pet is at his or her optimal health?  Reiki and animal communication can help you in finding answers to these questions and help create a more loving, open and respectful dialogue between you and your pet.

This is where I come in.  Using Reiki, which is an ancient Japanese healing art,

I can help you or your pet feel more relaxed with more energy and help accelerate healing from injuries or sickness. While an animal is in this more relaxed state I can connect with the animal and find out its likes and dislikes as well as how it is feeling or what it has experienced in the past.  If you would like you can provide me up to 3 questions to ask your pet if you have any specific interests.
Reiki and animal communication has been around for thousands of years. Many famous people from the Queen of England to Hollywood stars and other famous people have used this for themselves and their pets.  It is used in addition to doctor or vet treatments to help the healing process and sometimes to help determine the causes of some ailments.  Animal communication can help figure out what questions to ask the vet since you have to do all the talking for your pet.  Reiki is a complementary treatment like Acupuncture or massage therapy and should not be used instead of seeing a medical professional.